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Propose your project.
Fund it through waste.

How it works

At ReFuse, we believe that waste value should be re-invested in the community. With the Trash4Good program, citizens can fund their own projects through waste, and invest their reward in something they believe in. 

Participating is simple. Community members can propose their own project or alternatively pick one that is already operating in the neighborhood.  Retrieve, Recycle, Re-invest. 


Trash4Good supports collaborative community projects with the intention of fighting climate change and improving the quality of life of ReFuse community members. 

invest in

Climate action

and ecosystem restoration

Urban renaturation

and inclusive services

Community social and economic development



What kind of project can I fund through waste?




1. Social and Economic Impact

      Number of people reached, economic opportunities generated

2. Environmental Impact

       Estimated benefits in terms of CO2 reduction, waste prevention etc.

3. Community Impact

      Response to community needs, participatory design, development of solidarity

4. Budget and Economic Feasibility

       Project budget and long-term sustainability of the project

5. Human Resources

       Experienced staff with clear role division, community role, gender balance

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Thank you for your project!

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