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We Root In Neighborhoods

We designed downscaled facilities for densely populated, underserved communities where recycling is most needed. Operating our accessible services, we aim to foster responsible citizenship.


We Run Recyclables Collection Points 

Our collection points are strategically located in densely populated areas, inviting individuals to drop their recyclable materials while receiving rewards in return. These collected materials are traded with local industries and manufacturers.

The revenues generated from trading these recyclables are distributed within our community. Whenever individuals deposit sorted materials at our collection points, the corresponding reward value is credited to their waste wallet.

Sort your recyclables



Sort your recyclables



Bring them to ReFuse



Get Rewarded

We Collect 
24 materials

Thanks to the ReFuse Software, we record each drop off. Anyone can start recycling and add the value of their materials to their account.


Sort. Drop-off. Donate.

At ReFuse, we believe that waste value should be re-invested in the community. With the Trash4Good program, citizens can fund their own projects through waste, and invest their reward in something they believe in. 


The ReFuse Impact Fund

ReFuse is on a mission fighting the negative effects of waste on human life. Join our journey and donate your recyclables at any of our branches.


Give and Receive program

"Ahla Fawda" daily supports vulnerable people through food parcels. Donating your recyclables generously at our Hamra branch will sustain their mission.

Start Recycling!
Get involved!

Start sorting and drop your recyclables at the closest ReFuse collection point.

Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 6 PM


Help us grow!

You can help us grow and collect more materials by contributing to the purchase of a truck. 

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