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The total amount reinvested in environmental initiatives and rewards for sorting efforts. 

ReFuse Impact Fund

In a pile of waste, where most see garbage, we see value, we see impact.

Joining this impact journey can start from the simple act of sorting your recyclables and sending them to one of our drop-off centers, and extend to donating their value to our "Impact Fund" or any project that serves the betterment of the community.




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Clean-up Campaigns organized

People engaged in environmental activities 

Number of households we serve

Environmental actions start with an example. Through cleanups we spark environmental engagement while directly restoring urban and natural settings. Whether you're an individual, an organization or a company: Join us!

Waste collection is merely the final piece of the puzzle; the heart of the problem lies in the production and its path to consumerism. Comprehending this issue is the key to inspiring everyday actions for change. 

With ReFuse, anyone can begin sorting and recycling while also elevating their commitment by becoming volunteers and participating in our day-to-day operations and activities.

Organizations, schools, companies, and any community group can join our impact journey and book their activity!


On the 16th of November 2022, ReFuse joined forces with "Life Project For Youth" young ladies to organize a cleanup campaign around Bourj Hammoud. All that took place after an awareness session where they learned about the dangers of #waste, how to produce less of it and how to extract value from it. 

Support our work through a direct bank transfer on ReFuse’s account in Lebanon:

Bank name: Bank Audi SAL

Name on the account: REFUSE S.A.R.L.


Account number: 011017090002

IBAN: LB83005600000000011017090002

Branch location: Achrafieh Corporate Branch - Sofil Center. Charles Malek Av., Beirut, Lebanon.

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